Who we are

We work with over 600 brokers to deliver premium funding solutions to over 60,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Empowered to think ahead

About Us

Over the past 16 years, we have developed a strong business foundation under our previous name – Macquarie Pacific Funding. Our core aim is to empower brokers to think ahead. And we lead by example.


Our mission is to deliver what we promise and build trust and long term relationships with our brokers and their clients. To execute on our mission, we have taken the opportunity to now deliver on two key promises:


  • Empower intelligent decisions [our IQ]
  • Delivering premium funding to help clients protect their insurance assets [accumulation]


This is how IQumulate Premium Funding was born.

Our business is organised around four key pillars that enable us to deliver market-leading products and exceptional service to our clients and partners.


Our combined team brings a broad range of talent from the financial services and insurance industries, providing first hand insight and adaptable solutions to market.


By providing insights, training and support, we empower the brokers we partner with to do more for their clients and help them make the right choices.


We have invested in teams and automatic processes to ensure brokers can focus on their client-facing priorities while our team delivers the operational know-how.


We make it easy for brokers to do business. Our industry recognised platform Edge enables brokers to receive a quote for premium funding for their clients in less than 60 seconds. We interface with all major software platforms in Australia and New Zealand.


We are proud to have achieved a Net Promoter Score of 69 in our client satisfaction survey, which is over 10 times the financial services industry average*
*2017 Australian Marketing Institute